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21 May 2024

Here are a few May Day reminders for our last day of school! 

21 May 2024

These are the menu choices for our last week of school! 

16 April 2024

We are so excited to see you at our spring program!

Panther Reminders

  • Please contact the office with any transportation changes prior to 1:30 pm each day
  • If your Panther is sick or unable to attend school, please call the office by 8:30 am to report their absence
  • Students are not permitted to wear shorts between November 1st and March 31st

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Mission Statement

The mission statement of South Terrace Elementary is to provide a safe environment where children have the opportunity and right to learn and to achieve their full academic, emotional, and social potential. With community involvement, parental and faculty support, and the student’s willingness to learn, there is a school atmosphere that encourages good citizenship and responsibility in today’s changing society.